Family Fitness Center of Muskegon offers a complete cardiovascular training center area with treadmills, elliptical trainers, stair climbers, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, and Cardio TheaterĀ® entertainment system.

Our cardio training weight-loss center offers cardio machines by by the most popular and recognized brands!

Cardiovascular workout machines are excellent for burning lots of calories and improving the cardiovascular system including your heart, lungs, arteries, and veins. It is recommended that you perform cardiovascular exercise for a minimum of 3 sessions weekly aiming for at least 20 munites per session.


Family Fitness Centers offer selectorized machines, circuit machines, cable machines, plate-load machines, functional training equipment, and free weights.

Our main exercise floor is equipped with multiple workout stations for every muscle group. This means you can  accomplish your workout routine in the shortest period of time with no waiting around.

Need help with an exercise program? We encourage you to speak with one of our certified personal trainers to help you in developing an exercise routine that meets all your health and fitness needs.


With 3 Muskegon area fitness center locations no other health club or gym offers more group exercise classes than Family Fitness Centers.

We offer more than 20 classes weekly at each of our Muskegon area locations and more than 150 classes are taught weekly throughout all of our West Michigan fitness center locations.

Classes are both fun and enjoyable, and all classes are taught by energetic and friendly certified group fitness instructors.

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